Articles by Joon Yee Chuah

Metrics using Gnocchi

One of Chameleon's newest features is metrics using Gnocchi. In this post, we will cover how to quickly get started with Gnocchi, including how to access collected metrics and customize which metrics are reported from your Chameleon instances.

Orchestrating and Deploying Complex Appliances

If you are a distributed systems, networking or HPC researcher, you may be interested in Chameleon's Orchestration capabilities. Orchestration allows you to perform "one click" deployment of Complex Appliances - clusters of bare metal machines with user defined networking.

Making Instance Snapshots on Chameleon

Now that you have successfully launched a Chameleon instance, you may want to take a snapshot of it. Snapshots are a great way of saving your work in progress, especially if you have done a lot of configuration to your bare metal instance and you need to preserve the work beyond your lease.

Getting started with Chameleon

Are you a first time Chameleon user? In this article, we're going to feature on-boarding videos from Chameleon's YouTube channel. It's a great way of learning how to sign up for an account, reserve hardware and launch and access your first Chameleon instance.