A (Major) Documentation Update

To better serve the user community, we have completed a major update of the documentation for Chameleon. It's available at http://chameleoncloud.org/docs

We want to make sure that you have an in-depth technical guide for new features that come online. With that in mind, we have reorganized the documentation with special attention to organization and consistency.

  • The Getting Started section is a jump-start for using Chameleon, perfect for new users that want to launch a bare metal instance.
  • The Technical Guide documents each major feature of Chameleon.
  • Where possible, we now provide guidance on how to interact with Chameleon using both the GUI for CHI@TACC and CHI@UC and how to use the CLI

In addition, we are always looking for feedback on how to support users. If you find any errors with our documentation, feel free to raise an issue at our GitHub repository.

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