Automated Fast-flux Detection using Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms

Interested in protecting remote devices from malicious actors? Learn about how a researcher at the University of Missouri is approaching this problem with genetic algorithms and host fingerprinting! Also included is a YouTube video where Dr. Aksoy discusses this research.  

Summer with Chameleon

Using Chameleon for student interns, REUs or summer courses? Sign up for a series of webinars that introduce the platform, including CHI@Edge, the edge computing platform, on June 8th and 9th. 

Chameleon Changelog for April 2022

Lots of fabulous news this month! We have some big CHI@Edge updates and final CHI@Edge version 2.0 release, including a new artifact to make setting up experiments easy. We also greatly improved the implementation of Trovi, including the ability to import and export artifacts from/to git.

Conducting Research on the Edge: CHI@Edge

Learn all about CHI@Edge, Chameleon's edge computing testbed, how to interact with CHI@Edge devices, research projects that came out of our early preview and how to enroll your own device on CHI@Edge! Check out the post for links to an interactive user guide on Trovi, a YouTube video, and how to join the CHI@Edge Google Group to stay up to date with the latest news!

One Fish, Two Fish: Choosing Optimal Edge Topologies for Real-Time Autonomous Fish Surveys

Learn how researchers are pairing autonomous vehicles with Chameleon to bridge edge to cloud computation to conduct marine surveys. Featuring work presented at the 2021 Supercomputing conference, with a notebook available on Trovi that you can reproduce yourself, and a YouTube video to accompany it!

Chameleon Changelog for March 2022

This month we announce some exciting improvements towards CHI@Edge 2.0, new hardware at Northwestern and with KVM, and improvements to CHI-in-a-Box!

Conducting Storage Research on Chameleon

Chameleon has added lots of new and exciting storage capabilites in recent months - learn all about the resources available, how to conduct storage research on Chameleon, and examples of storage experiments being conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Virginia Tech, and Rutgers University. There's also a fully packaged experiment and accompanying YouTube video that you can run on Trovi to practice with!

Understanding Reliability on Shared Edge

Learn about how researchers at the University of Chicago are using Chameleon’s new edge computing testbed, CHI@Edge to investigate how resource management can be applied to the concept of shared edge to optimize AI applications.

Chameleon Changelog for February 2022

This month we're pleased to announce another new site at CHI@EVL, hosted by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIUC! Additionally, we have more hardware coming online at CHI@TACC, including GPUs networked with InfiniBand, and are announcing a preview of open enrollment for CHI@Edge, allowing you to add your own Raspberry Pis to be managed and accessed via the edge testbed interfaces. Phew!

CHI@NCAR: An Interview with the Newest Associate Site

Discover Chameleon's newest Associate Site in this interview with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Learn all about the process of setting up an Associate Site, how the NCAR site came about, and most importantly, what resources are available for you to experiment with!