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Educating with Chameleon at Vanderbilt

This month we present an interview with Aniruddha Gokhale, Full Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Vanderbilt University who is using Chameleon to teach classes on cloud computing, computer networks, and distributed systems. Professor Gokhale discusses the challenges of teaching with testbeds, explains how he managed to overcome it in his own teaching, and shares recommendations on how to best leverage the power of testbeds in the classroom.

Using Chameleon for HPC Education: an OpenMP Tutorial

This month we present an interview with Jose Monsalve Diaz who is using Chameleon for HPC education. Jose and his colleagues developed an OpenMP tutorial that has been presented at multiple conferences, received an honorable mention by the Better Scientific Software Fellowship, and has lowered the barrier to participation in HPC for many who would not have had access to acquiring this type of knowledge otherwise. The blog discusses the challenges of teaching high-performance computing, explains how an open bare metal platform works to support it, and presents links to the tutorial materials on Chameleon that can help you develop …

Chameleon for Education: IIT’s Intro to Parallel Programming

Interested in using Chameleon for education? Illinois Institute of Technology’s TA and PhD candidate Melanie Cornelius and Dr. Zhiling Lan use Chameleon for undergraduate and graduate students in their Intro to Parallel Programming and Parallel and Distributed Processing classes. Learn all about how the course is structured, incorporating Chameleon into assignments, and tips for using Chameleon for education.

Teaching High Performance Computing with Chameleon

This post from Chameleon user, Massimo Canonico, outlines educational slide decks that will be particularly helpful for those who wish to incorporate Chameleon into their curriculum.