Understanding Reliability on Shared Edge

Learn about how researchers at the University of Chicago are using Chameleon’s new edge computing testbed, CHI@Edge to investigate how resource management can be applied to the concept of shared edge to optimize AI applications.

Chameleon Changelog for February 2022

This month we're pleased to announce another new site at CHI@EVL, hosted by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIUC! Additionally, we have more hardware coming online at CHI@TACC, including GPUs networked with InfiniBand, and are announcing a preview of open enrollment for CHI@Edge, allowing you to add your own Raspberry Pis to be managed and accessed via the edge testbed interfaces. Phew!

CHI@NCAR: An Interview with the Newest Associate Site

Discover Chameleon's newest Associate Site in this interview with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Learn all about the process of setting up an Associate Site, how the NCAR site came about, and most importantly, what resources are available for you to experiment with!

CHI@Edge as a baseline for ARA wireless living lab

Learn about how researchers combine ARA, an at-scale platform for advanced wireless research and CHI@Edge as a baseline software platform for agriculture applications including high-throughput crop phenotyping, precision livestock farming, agriculture automation and rural education.


Chameleon Changelog for January 2022

We've got some great updates about new hardware, some provided by an entirely new Chameleon site at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Welcome CHI@NCAR, as well as new AMD nodes (some w/ GPU) at CHI@TACC, and more SSDs and GPU capacity at CHI@UC.

Using Chameleon for IndySCC 2021

Learn about IndySCC, a virtual version of SuperComputing's Student Cluster Competition (SCC) which was conducted on Chameleon! Learn all about the competition, how it was run with Chameleon, and of course, the winners!

Interactive Science Made Easy with Chameleon Daypass

Check out Chameleon Daypass! Enable Daypass for your Chameleon experiment, and let any user, including those without a Chameleon allocation, try running your experiment! You can even include a QR code which links to your experiment in your paper or on a poster. Learn about the latest innovation in reproducibility and how to make it work for you in this blog. 

Chameleon Changelog for December 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce an early preview of a Public API for Trovi, Chameleon's system for reproducibility, which has wider amibitions for the coming year. Additionally, we review more additions to the hardware catalogue at CHI@UC and a new release of CHI-in-a-Box!

CHI@Edge Community Workshop Report

Interested in using Chameleon for edge computing? We've released our report on the very first CHI@Edge community workshop that happened in September! Learn about some of our early users' research and our top takeaways from the first few months of operating an edge testbed. 

Pegasus at the Edge

Learn all about extending Pegasus, a fully featured workflow management system, to edge devices in one of the first examples of research done on CHI@Edge, Chameleon's edge computing testbed.