Chameleon Changelog for June 2019

Great news in Chameleon-land!


The Stones are on tour, a TV star is the President, and your refrigerator can talk to you. If you feel temporally untethered, rest assured that there’s always something you can count on, month after month: a Chameleon changelog.


One quick note: there are only 15 spots for our advanced networking tutorial using ExoGENI and Jupyter Notebooks! Register here.


Additional security measures available for bare metal instances. As announced last week on the Users mailing list, we have rolled out a configurable firewall at both of our bare metal sites, CHI@TACC and CHI@UC. This “Firewall as a Service” enables you to define your own custom firewall rules to protect your experimental networks (or otherwise influence the ingress and egress traffic on your isolated networks.) As part of this, we will be enabling a set of default firewall rules on the “sharednet1” and “sharedwan1” networks on July 8. This firewall will prevent most traffic from the public Internet from reaching your experimental environment (some default services like SSH and HTTP(s) will be allowed; if you would like us to consider enabling additional services by default please email us!) You can re-use this default firewall policy on your own networks if you want! Have a gander at the relevant documentation section to learn more about how to use this new feature.


Ubuntu 18.04 support has arrived. The Bionic Beaver is finally here! Chameleon now has an official appliance for the latest Ubuntu distribution. This CC-Ubuntu18.04 appliance can be launched at CHI@UC, CHI@TACC, and KVM@TACC. As with all of the Chameleon-supported appliances, it comes with the latest versions of Chameleon tools installed, including cc-checks, cc-snapshot and cc-cloudfuse. Now that the 18.04 LTS version is supported on Chameleon, we will be phasing out support for Ubuntu 14.04, which had upstream support end in April of this year. As a general rule, we aim to officially support the last two LTS versions of Ubuntu for you.


CUDA 10: now with even more CUDA in every box! We also upgraded our CUDA appliance to support CUDA 10.1 for both CentOS 7 (CC-CentOS7-CUDA10) and Ubuntu 16.04 (CC-Ubuntu16.04-CUDA10); support for Ubuntu 18.04 will be coming hot on the heels of our release of an official Ubuntu 18.04 appliance this month. These upgraded CUDA appliances can be launched on the GPU-enabled hardware at CHI@TACC. While we will still provide full support of CC-CentOS7-CUDA9, we can provide only limited support for the older CUDA 8 appliances. We encourage you to use the Users mailing list to ask questions about these appliances to other Chameleon users!

Webinar on creating layer-2 wide area networks using Jupyter Notebooks! This will be a fun advanced networking topics tutorial. The Chameleon team has simplified the deployment of networks that span Chameleon and ExoGENI using a Jupyter notebook. In this tutorial, you will use a pre-defined Jupyter notebook to deploy Chameleon DirectStitch ports to connect isolated tenant networks at each of the two Chameleon sites. Register here to claim your spot! There are just 15 spots available for this one.

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