Articles by Jason Anderson

Conducting Research on the Edge: CHI@Edge

Learn all about CHI@Edge, Chameleon's edge computing testbed, how to interact with CHI@Edge devices, research projects that came out of our early preview and how to enroll your own device on CHI@Edge! Check out the post for links to an interactive user guide on Trovi, a YouTube video, and how to join the CHI@Edge Google Group to stay up to date with the latest news!

Chameleon Changelog for February 2022

This month we're pleased to announce another new site at CHI@EVL, hosted by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at UIUC! Additionally, we have more hardware coming online at CHI@TACC, including GPUs networked with InfiniBand, and are announcing a preview of open enrollment for CHI@Edge, allowing you to add your own Raspberry Pis to be managed and accessed via the edge testbed interfaces. Phew!

Chameleon Changelog for January 2022

We've got some great updates about new hardware, some provided by an entirely new Chameleon site at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Welcome CHI@NCAR, as well as new AMD nodes (some w/ GPU) at CHI@TACC, and more SSDs and GPU capacity at CHI@UC.

Chameleon Changelog for December 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce an early preview of a Public API for Trovi, Chameleon's system for reproducibility, which has wider amibitions for the coming year. Additionally, we review more additions to the hardware catalogue at CHI@UC and a new release of CHI-in-a-Box!

Chameleon Changelog for November 2021

It's our post-SC wrapup! In this month's changelog, we've got several new edge devices to announce, as well as improvements for UEFI boot support, a better way to view and track your allocation spending, and more.

Chameleon Changelog for October 2021

In this month's changelog, we're excited to announce a new batch of hardware at CHI@UC, including more flexible network topologies, some very high-powered nodes, and InfiniBand-connected GPUs. We've also added support for provisioning ARM-based machines to support CHI-in-a-Box associate sites who wish to configure ARM nodes. As always, more inside!

Chameleon Changelog for September 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce a few really cool new features, one of which has been on our most-requested list for a long while: PI delegate! Besides that, there is a brand-new preview capability that allows you to share your Trovi experiments with non-Chameleon users so they can reproduce your work w/o an allocation. More details, as always, inside.

Chameleon Changelog for August 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce support for "restricted" edge devices, allowing your research group to temporarily lock down a contributed edge device to only be reservable by your group, but also some more support for interesting peripherals like a camera connected to a Jetson Nano. For more details, come in!

Chameleon Changelog for July 2021

In this month's changelog, we announce more cool CHI@Edge features, notably support for accessing and reading attached camera data (and other peripherals!). We've also added support for more types of edge devices as we continue to build out the platform. On the bare metal cloud side of things, we've been making improvements to our interfaces--enjoy a refresh of the lease create GUI, which should support more complex types of leases! We also squashed some pesky bugs in the Python API to make it even easier to use Chameleon via Jupyter.

Chameleon Changelog for June 2021

This month, we announce a lot of exciting new capabilities for CHI@Edge--Chameleon on the edge! Reserve devices, including Jetson Nanos with NVIDIA TX2 GPUs onboard! We also made it easier to onboard lots of users to a project (helpful for classes!) and gave the hardware catalogue a little refresh, in anticipation of the installation of Phase 3 hardware, which is coming soon!