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THIS APPLIANCE IS DEPRECATED! While it remains available for reproducibility, it will no longer be updated or supported.

The Ubuntu 18.04 appliance is built from the Ubuntu Bionic cloud image and additionally contains packages for development, system configuration, and accessing OpenStack services.

The Ubuntu 18.04 appliance provides a convenient base image. You can customize it and snapshot it (running the cc-snapshot command) to develop your own appliances.

  • Image name: CC-Ubuntu18.04
  • Default user account: cc
  • Remote access: Key-Based SSH
  • Root access: passwordless sudo from the cc account
  • Chameleon admin access: enabled on the ccadmin account
  • Cloud-init enabled on boot: yes
  • Repositories (Apt): default configuration
  • Installed packages:
    • Standard development tools such as make, gcc, gfortran, etc.
    • Config management tools: Ansible
    • OpenStack command-line clients
    • Chameleon packages: g5kchecks (providing cc-checks), cc-snapshot, cc-cloudfuse
  • UEFI and BIOS compatible (since version 20211129 )



Image IDs

CHI@TACC:  1cab581d-7d0f-4471-a260-77ea385344be
CHI@UC:  aa7ca7d2-f3f1-4133-9c4e-6e78d20a0896
KVM@TACC:  e4be0959-3ced-4e81-b893-daf4512370d6


Name: Chameleon Project


Name: Chameleon Project

Version: 20220810
Created By:  zzhen on June 27, 2019, 12:18 p.m.
Updated By: on Feb. 28, 2023, 11:07 a.m.