New OpenStack KVM cloud available

Posted by Pierre Riteau on September 28, 2015
Chameleon hardware We are happy to announce that the new Chameleon OpenStack KVM cloud is available! This cloud spans three additional racks of Chameleon hardware with configuration similar to our bare metal racks.The cloud is configured with the most recent OpenStack release (Kilo) and offers the same set of OpenStack services as the KVM cloud available up to now.

All images, snapshots, volumes, and volumes snapshots have been copied today from the old hardware to the new cloud. However, no instances have been migrated.
If you are already a Chameleon user, follow the OpenStack KVM User Guide to access the new cloud; if you are new to Chameleon get started in three simple steps.

If required, you can continue using the old hardware, but please note that it will become unavailable after October 9.

We also won't be able to migrate user data (images, snapshots, volumes or volume snapshots) created on the old cloud after today. If you do need to migrate data at a later date, you can use the OpenStack clients.

As usual, don't hesitate to contact us via the help desk if you have any questions.