Articles by Soufiane Jounaid

Seamless SSH Container Access with CHI@Edge

Simplifying Your Development Process

Recognizing the need for easier modification of running containers, we’ve introduced a straightforward method for SSHing into CHI@Edge containers, enhancing your development and experimentation processes. Our new tutorial on Trovi helps you create an SSH-ready base container, extending the CHI@Edge “hello world” example to enable remote access. This allows you to troubleshoot, configure, and update containers as if they were real servers. Access the tutorial via the CHI@Edge dashboard, and start developing with enhanced flexibility and ease.

CHI@Edge: Transitioning from Successful Preview to Full Production

Unlock the power of edge computing with CHI@Edge - In production now!

In 2021, we introduced CHI@Edge, a cutting-edge testbed tailored to the dynamic needs of edge computing and IoT research. Our initial offerings included a robust selection of devices like Raspberry Pi 4s, Nvidia Jetson Nanos, and Jetson Xaviers, tailored for high-performance yet low-power edge computing tasks. Today, we're thrilled to announce the transition of CHI@Edge from a widely embraced preview to its official full production phase.