Reproducing the result of the paper "Exploring the ..."

Authors: Priyanka Bose, Chandra Shekhar Pandey

This project validates the claims made in the paper: "Exploring the Role of Grammar and Word Choice in Bias Toward African American English (AAE) in Hate Speech Classification". The paper claims that use of swear words impacts hate speech classification of AAE text.
To validate the same we trained two Bert Models and tested both the models on AAE tweets and stored the results. Next we made a Swear words replacement dictionary using Liwc list of swear words and the replacement of swear words would be the words which are most similar to those words by cosine similarity. Lastly we replaced all the swear words in the AAE tweets with the help of the dictionary. And then we again used Bert models to classify the tweets. We saw that there was a significant amount of reduction in the hate speech classified tweets and the results were similar to what was stated in the paper.

This project was done for Machine Learning Reproducibility challenge 2022 under the guidance of Prof. Fraida Fund at NYU Tandon School Of Engineering.

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