Chameleon Changelog for April 2024

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Dear Chameleon Users,

This month, we’ve been mostly focusing on improving the Chameleon backend, and don't have any exciting new features for you. We still found some time for a few things that hopefully will make experimentation easier.

Upcoming Reproducibility Workshop. Save the date of November 18 for a workshop on practical reproducibility in Atlanta, GA. There, you can expect to hear from other researchers who have worked on reproducibility initiatives. If you are planning on attending SC24, you might be interested in attending the workshop as well. For more information, be sure to follow our blog.

Updated Chameleon Tutorial. This month, we hosted a virtual artifact tutorial in order to demonstrate and teach about the tools for reproducibility on Chameleon. While we hosted this tutorial with the aim to support the SC24 reproducibility initiative it is a good update for how to use Chameleon and thus of general interest. This tutorial covers an introduction to Chameleon, and showcases the different ways to orchestrate your experiment. Additionally, we demonstrate how to use the Trovi experiment repository to create and share artifacts for your experiment. You can view our notes and follow along with the recording.

Chameleon Orchestration with Ansible demo. This month, we created a few new Chameleon supported Trovi artifacts, the first of which demonstrates how to set up KVM instances, and then use Ansible to configure them. This artifact specifically configures the instances as an MPI cluster. We hope that this will be a useful demonstration of how you can orchestrate your own clusters on Chameleon. You can find this artifact here.

CHI@Edge SSH artifact. Additionally, we’ve published a CHI@Edge SSH guide, which sets up and configures an edge container that allows you to SSH into it. This interaction will now make it easier for you to develop new edge applications and use peripherals. We are planning to share more about the power of this artifact in the future, so stay tuned!

Happy experimenting!

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