Announcing SC24 Artifact Tutorial on April 25, 2024 - SAVE THE DATE!

Unlock the Potential of Chameleon for Your SC24 Research

When & Where: Join us on April 25th, 2024, from 10 AM to 12 PM CT for a Zoom webinar (registration link) designed to navigate the complexities and unlock the full potential of the Chameleon testbed for high-performance computing (HPC) research.

Who Should Attend: Whether you are new to Chameleon or have dabbled in its vast capabilities, this session promises valuable insights for all HPC researchers and authors focused on SC24. With a curriculum that bridges foundational knowledge and advanced techniques, participants will leave equipped to leverage Chameleon for groundbreaking research. The tutorial is an opportunity to streamline your research workflow, ensuring your work is efficient, reproducible, and impactful.

Don’t Miss Out: Advance your research and ensure your experiments stand out at SC24. Register now to secure your spot in this essential tutorial and take the first step towards mastering Chameleon for high-performance computing research.

Tutorial Overview:

  • Introduction to Chameleon & Support Resources: Start with a comprehensive overview of the Chameleon testbed. Learn what the testbed offers, how to navigate the interface, set up your environment, and where to find the array of support resources designed to facilitate your research projects. This segment ensures a smooth initiation into using Chameleon for your experiments.
  • Experiment Orchestration: Dive into orchestrating experiments, focusing on utilizing the Chameleon CLI, python-chi library, and GUI for a comprehensive management of Chameleon's resources. Learn to navigate hardware specifications, manage node availability, customize and deploy images, and configure network settings efficiently. This section highlights essential strategies to optimize resource usage and minimize waste, ensuring your experiments are as effective as possible.
  • Overview for HPC Experiments
    • Effective Data Management: Efficiently managing data is crucial in HPC research. We'll cover strategies for importing and exporting data on Chameleon, emphasizing practices that enhance project efficiency and scalability.
    • Leveraging MPI and CUDA: For researchers looking to utilize parallel computing or GPU-accelerated applications, this tutorial provides an introduction to using MPI and CUDA on Chameleon. Enhance the performance of your computational experiments by mastering these tools.
  • Sharing Artifacts via Trovi: We’ll explore how to maximize your research's impact by sharing artifacts on Trovi. This platform facilitates the sharing, discovery, and replication of scientific artifacts, a cornerstone for collaborative and reproducible research.
  • Interactive Q&A Session: Pose your questions and scenarios to Chameleon operators for personalized advice, deepening your understanding of the testbed’s capabilities.

Questions? For further information or inquiries about the tutorial, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re here to assist and ensure you have all the information needed to benefit fully from this session.

UPDATE (04/22): Due to limited time, we will split this tutorial into two sections. The first section (still planned for Thursday, April 25, 2024) will focus on introducing attendees to Chameleon and its primary functionality for artifact/experiment packaging and orchestration. The second section (planned for June 2024) will focus specifically on special topics for HPC experiments (Effective Data Management and Leveraging MPI and CUDA). We will send out an additional announcement when we have a date for the second section. Thank you for your understanding!

Chameleon presents AutoLearn, IndySCC'23 success, and more at SC'23

Chameleon talks, papers, posters, and more - all to be found at SC'23

Attending SC’23? Check out the initiatives Chameleon is supporting at the event including workshops, papers written using Chameleon, and more! If you’re presenting something related to Chameleon at SC’23 and not on this list, send us an email – we will update this announcement with relevant information as we get it.

Chameleon at SC '23

We would like to congratulate Alicia Esquivel Morel and the team for the acceptance of their paper, AutoLearn: Learning in the Edge to Cloud Continuum, to the SC '23 conference as well as two summer REU students who had posters accepted to SC.

SC: The largest Reproducibility Laboratory

Today we share a very unique user experience -- a conversation with Rafael Tolosana Calasanz who is an Associate Professor in the Department of Informatics of the University of Zaragoza, Spain and has participated in the reproducibility initiative at SC. Rafael shares with us his experiences reproducing artifacts on Chameleon and his insights on reproducibility and its importance to the modern scientific process. 

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