Chameleon Changelog for August 2019

Great news in Chameleon-land!


Hopefully those working in the U.S. enjoyed your Labor Day festivities! We’ve been hard at work ourselves over the past month and return from the break with some new goodies for you.


For those of you interested and learning more about the advanced networking capabilities of Chameleon, there is an excellent webinar on September 10, which you can register for here.


New Jupyter appliance. By now you are hopefully familiar with Chameleon’s Jupyter environment, which allows you to conveniently experiment within a dedicated Jupyter server. However, this shared platform is currently insufficient for larger-scale data analysis or experimentation requiring large volumes of data. So you will be pleased to learn that we have released a new Jupyter appliance in our appliance catalogue, which will enable you to launch notebooks, just as you would now, but within a bare metal server environment that you control, enabling you to utilize the full storage, compute, and network capabilities of that node, rather than the portioned resources allotted in the shared environment. You should explore this option particularly if you require local access to data sets larger than 1GB. Check out the documentation in the appliance catalogue link to learn more.


Import Jupyter experiments from GitHub. Additionally, we have made it easier to import existing GitHub repositories inside the notebook environment. This means that if you have access to a GitHub repository you can with one click automatically provision a notebook server just for that repository with all required dependencies already installed. To try out this feature, head on over to our CC-CentOS7 repository and click the “launch on Chameleon” buttons, visible in the readme--this will open the repository’s code in a new Jupyter server so you can explore how we at Chameleon build our bootable base disk images. This is just one additional benefit of exploring Chameleon’s Jupyter integration.


Learn more about our associate site at Northwestern. You can now discover the various hardware available for use at the CHI@NU associate site at Northwestern in our hardware catalog. While you can browse the available resources, access still requires invitation–click the CHI@NU button to learn how to request access!


Lastly, here are some important deadline reminders for conferences this month (remember to acknowledge and cite Chameleon in your paper if you have used the testbed in your research!)

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