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The DevStack (CentOS 7) appliance is built from the CentOS 7 (Version: 1907) appliance and customized with a DevStack installation using the code and documentation provided here.

  • Image name: CC-CentOS7-Devstack
  • Default user account: cc
  • Remote access: Key-Based SSH
  • Root access: passwordless sudo from the cc account
  • Chameleon admin access: enabled on the ccadmin account
  • Cloud-init enabled on boot: yes
  • Repositories (Yum): EPEL, RDO (OpenStack Liberty), CC-CentOS7 (Chameleon packages)
  • Installed packages:
    • DevStack
    • Standard development tools such as make, gcc, gfortran, etc.
    • Config management tools: Puppet, Ansible
    • OpenStack command-line clients
    • OpenStack Heat configuration agents
    • Chameleon utilities: cc-checks, cc-snapshot, etrace2 (CPU power measurement), Ceilometer collection agent
    • Cloudfuse

Hardware requirements: This image has been created and tested using a Haswell node.


CentOS DevStack OpenStack
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Image IDs

CHI@TACC:  d28f551b-a361-4d22-bb55-1036d54404b0
CHI@UC:  7ab16609-dbb3-4e49-8a6b-fc536fa9dd25


Name: Fran├žois Halbach


Name: Chameleon Project

Version: 0.1
Created By:  fhalbach on Oct. 23, 2019, 12:51 p.m.
Updated By:  fhalbach on Oct. 28, 2019, 12:41 p.m.