Chameleon is now publicly available

Posted by Pierre Riteau on July 28, 2015

We are happy to announce that Chameleon is now publicly available: new hardware with resource discovery, bare metal reconfiguration, metrics collection, and access to Infiniband and storage nodes is now available to all participating users!

You can explore the Chameleon hardware by browsing through our resource discovery portal. If you are already a Chameleon user, use the Bare Metal User Guide to access the new hardware; if you are new to Chameleon get started in three simple steps.

Over the coming year we are planning multiple hardware and software upgrades. Among others, we will upgrade the hardware on our OpenStack KVM cloud, add to the storage options on the testbed, and, towards the end of the year, deploy new heterogeneous hardware units.  On the software side, we plan to add more network management options, better snapshotting capabilities, and develop a library of Chameleon appliances.

With the new public offering we are introducing a soft allocation model: all new Chameleon projects will be given a generous startup allocation that can be easily renewed or recharged as needs arise. The existing Chameleon projects will be given an unlimited allocation expiring at the end of October; users are encouraged to move to new projects. FutureGrid users can continue to port their FutureGrid accounts until the end of August.