Chameleon now open to new users & Alamo cloud available

Posted by Kate Keahey on December 12, 2014

New users can now sign up for a Chameleon account and our Alamo OpenStack cloud is now available to all users!

First, new users can now sign up for a Chameleon account.

Faculty and research staff from U.S.-based institutions can request PI eligibility when they register a Chameleon account. This allows to create new projects and invite other Chameleon users to them.  If you migrated your FutureGrid account to Chameleon and would like to request PI eligibility, please file a help desk ticket.

Second, the Alamo OpenStack cloud is now available. Get started by reading the user guide.

Please note that the Hotel OpenStack cloud will be taken down for reconfiguration after December 15th. Any running instance will be terminated. It will reemerge as a FutureGrid@Chameleon resource before the end of the year. If you are currently using Hotel and would like to continue using cloud resources during the reconfiguration, we ask that you migrate to Alamo. If you need assistance in migrating images and volumes, please open a help desk ticket. If you don't need resources during the reconfiguration, you don't need to migrate since Hotel will be restored with your existing images and volumes.

Welcome to Chameleon!