Chameleon will be launching soon

Posted by Kate Keahey on August 20, 2014

Updated September 1, 2015: The transitional support for FutureGrid has ended. To request a Chameleon Account or Project please follow the Getting Started Guide.

The Chameleon Cloud will be available to users soon!

Chameleon will initially provide OpenStack deployments using hardware from the Alamo and Hotel FutureGrid clusters. This will allow FutureGrid users performing cloud research to continue their work with minimal disruption and allow us to welcome new users. Watch this space for information on how to join our early user program!

Our approximate timeline for the project is:

Fall 2014 FutureGrid resource at UC and TACC available as OpenStack clouds
Spring 2015 Initial bare metal reconfiguration available on FutureGrid UC and TACC resources for early users
Summer 2015 New large-scale homogenous nodes available to early users
Fall 2015 Refinements to experiment management capabilities
2015/2016 Refinements to experiment management capabilities
Fall 2016 Heterogeneous hardware available