Connect Google Colab to a server on Chameleon

This allows you to run experiments requiring bare metal access, storage, memory, GPU and compute that exceeds the abilities of Colab's hosted runtime, but with Colab's familiar interface (and notebooks stored in your Google Drive). It also allows you to easily go back and forth between the convenience of Colab's hosted runtime and Chameleon or CloudLab's greater capabilities, as you develop your experiment.

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Launch on Chameleon

Launching this artifact will open it within Chameleon’s shared Jupyter experiment environment, which is accessible to all Chameleon users with an active allocation.

Request daypass

If you do not have an active Chameleon allocation, or would prefer to not use your allocation, you can request a temporary one from the PI of the project this artifact belongs to.

Download Archive

Download an archive containing the files of this artifact.

Download with git

Clone the git repository for this artifact, and checkout the version's commit

git clone
# cd into the created directory
git checkout 7ad5180554b4a18facc549d71eec7e8069492c67

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