Artifact for ELECT: Enabling Erasure Coding Tiering for LSM-tree-based Storage (FAST 2024)

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This is the artifact for the FAST '24 paper "ELECT: Enabling Erasure Coding Tiering for LSM-tree-based Storage". ELECT is a distributed tiered KV store that enables replication and erasure coding tiering.

For more detailed documentation, please refer to the README of the ELECT repository.


Link to the USENIX FAST'24:


TITLE = "{ELECT}: Enabling Erasure Coding Tiering for LSM-tree-based Storage",
AUTHOR = "Yanjing Ren and Yuanming Ren and Xiaolu Li and Yuchong Hu and Jingwei Li and Patrick P.C. Lee",
NOTE = "To appear, won all 3 Artifact-Evaluation badges",
BOOKTITLE = "Proceedings of the 22nd USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '24)",
ADDRESS = "Santa Clara, CA",
MONTH = "February",
YEAR = "2024",
PUBLISHER = "USENIX Association"

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This artifact was evaluated by USENIX FAST 2024 Artifact Evaluation Committee members and awarded all 3 Artifact-Evaluation badges: Artifacts Available, Artifacts Functional, and Results Reproduced.



As a distributed KV store, ELECT requires a cluster of machines to run. With the default erasure coding parameters (i.e., [n,k]==[6,4]), ELECT requires a minimum of 6 machines as the storage nodes. In addition, we require a server node as the cold tier to store the cold data. We also need a client node to run the YCSB benchmark tool. Therefore, we require at least eight machines to reproduce the evaluations.

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Please refer to our artifact evaluation instructions to run the evaluations as in our paper.


For any support, please email Yanjing Ren ( or create an issue at the GitHub repository.

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