Chameleon Object Store

Chameleon provides an object store service through the OpenStack Swift interface. It is intended to be used for storing and retrieving data used during experiments, such as input files needed for your applications, or results produced by your experiments.

The object store can be accessed from anywhere using OpenStack Swift command line client. In particular, you can access the object store from instances running on CHI@TACC, CHI@UC and KVM@TACC by using your CHI@TACC OpenStack RC file (UC users will see more latency impact since the object store is located at TACC). To make it easier for you to use the object store client, we installed it in all appliances supported by Chameleon. Additionally, you can also access the object store from the CHI@TACC web interface under the Object Store panel.

Please, follow the Chameleon Swift QuickStart Guide to use Swift from command line. You can also consult the more extensive OpenStack Documentation to learn more about managing objects and containers from both dashboard and command line.

This object store service is currently backed by a Ceph cluster with more than 1.6 PB of capacity. The data is replicated, keeping two copies of each object, effectively providing over 800 TB of storage available to users. This storage capacity will increase as the project goes on. The replication should provide good availability in case of hardware failures. However, all copies are kept within the same data center and are not backed up on a separate system; if you feel that this does not provide sufficient reliability in your case, you should consider backing up really critical data externally.