Summer with Chameleon

In the past few years many of you used Chameleon as a platform for student interns, REU sites, and summer courses. Some of you shared that it would be good to have an introduction to the platform for your students that would allow them to hit the ground running on their summer projects. While the system has extensive documentation, and our YouTube channel has quite a library of tutorials on various aspects the system, from introductory to advanced, they sometimes need a fresh take, and little nip and tuck to take into account the evolution of the system, or simply selective focus to address topics such as reproducibility. 


For this reason, this summer we decided to create the “Summer with Chameleon” program: a series of webinars that covers a selection of topics that were the most asked for Chameleon training in the past. The webinars are designed to be used either as a complete course providing a comprehensive introduction to the system or standalone; for example, if you are familiar with Chameleon but have not used our CHI@Edge capability yet you – or your group -- may choose to attend just the CHI@Edge webinar. The webinars will be held during the week of June 6th and recorded, so that if your summer program starts later or the schedule does not work for you, you can have your students watch the recordings. We will supplement this by a series of office hours so that all who missed the live presentation still have a chance to discuss and work through problems live with Chameleon operators.


Each of the webinars below has a registration link -- please, register early: if they prove to be popular we may schedule additional sessions. 


June 8th 

1 PM CT Introduction to Chameleon: a fresh take on our basic Chameleon introduction webinar: all the things you need to know to get started, guides users through creating their first instance, and how to get help and become part of the community.  Register here


3 PM CT Science, Storage, and Sanity: overview of Chameleon resources, especially support for popular data science projects, discussion of global storage options, including object store and shared filesystem, as well as best practices for using the system efficiently including snapshotting, managing scale, and other sanity-preserving strategies.  Register here


June 9th

1 PM CT CHI@Edge: introduces the CHI@Edge capability, including an overview of Chameleon owned edge resources and how to access them, adding your own edge resources for restricted sharing, and Jupyter notebook that can be modified in various ways to serve as the launching point for edge to cloud experiments. Register here


3 PM CT: Practical Reproducibility with Chameleon: discusses how to package experiments for practical reproducibility with Jupyter using the python-chi programmable interface to the testbed, sharing experiments via the Trovi system, using Chameleon Daypass to make easy for others to reproduce experiments in your papers on Chameleon, plus an overview of experiments already packaged.  Register here


As always, if you are interested in additional topics please contact us and we will do our best to cover them either by scheduling additional webinars, short directed screencasts (like the one recently released on CHI@Edge), or by covering the appropriate material during office hours. 


Looking forward to spending the summer with you!

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