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The Ubuntu 14.04 DevStack Mitaka appliance is built from the Ubuntu 14.04 appliance and customized with DevStack Mitaka. DevStack is an open-source project that allows the user to have an all-in-one node OpenStack cloud environment. DevStack provides the user an environment capable of spinning up instances by utilizing the Bare Metal resources. After initializing a DevStack Mitaka instance, the user enters into an environment that enables spinning up of multiple instances within seconds.

  • Image name: Ubuntu-14-04-DevStack-Mitaka-Stable
  • Default user account: cc
  • Remote access: Key-Based SSH
  • Root access: passwordless sudo from the ubuntu account
  • Chameleon admin access:
  • Cloud-init enabled on boot: yes
  • Repositories (Yum):
  • Installed Packages:
    • DevStack Mitaka Release


DevStack Mitaka OpenStack


Name: Gonzalo De La Torre


Name: Gonzalo De La Torre

Version: Mitaka-Stable August 11, 2016
Created By:  gonzalo on Feb. 29, 2016, 1:11 p.m.
Updated By:  ntimkovi on June 3, 2019, 9:50 a.m.