Chameleon Early User Program Early User Program

The Early User program has been created to allow for an early user feedback phase to the Chameleon project. Participants in this program will be able to access the latest in-development features of Chameleon before they are ready for general access and have the opportunity to provide early feedback and work with the Chameleon team to shape the project. The program is designed to benefit both sides: the users will get early access to testbed capabilities and enhanced support, the Chameleon team will get early, detailed, and direct feedback from dedicated users before making testbed elements generally available. If you are interested in becoming an Early User, bear in mind that capabilities and configurations used in the Early User program may be still immature: features may be missing, documentation may be incomplete, or there may be undetected hardware issues.

Over the life of the project we expect to host several Early User programs related to new software capabilities, new hardware capabilities, or both. Due to limited resources we may not always be able to accept all the Early User requests. If this happens don’t worry – the capabilities will be publicly available before long!

When you are applying for Early User access, in the justification for the account please, tell us in some detail why you want to become Early User as opposed to working with the FutureGrid@Chameleon (KVM cloud) and Chameleon Technology Preview offerings. Bear in mind, that (a) in order to get access you will still need to be a part of a Chameleon project and (b) the Early User phase is targeting advanced users as the offering may still be immature.

Once you have been approved, you will be able to access the Early User Program Documentation.

Program Status



This program is no longer accepting participants.