Discover resources (using the web interface)

All physical resources available in Chameleon are described in the Chameleon resource registry. Users can consult the registry via the resource discovery web interface. The resource registry is based on the Reference API from the Grid'5000 project.

The resource discovery web interface allows you to select nodes from the testbed using preset filters (compute nodes, storage nodes, etc.) or using advanced filters.

Once you selected your filters, click on the View button to get a description of corresponding nodes. In the example below, we select nodes in the Chameleon cluster located at TACC, containing 2 CPUs with 40 threads each.

This displays the following results:

In the node description, we can see that the CPU used is a Xeon “E5-2650 v3”. Using this information, we can search Intel's CPU database to get more precise characteristics.

Next step

Now, it is time to provision some resources! You will find instructions to the next step by visiting one of the following links: